Sunday, May 14, 2006

Anybody there? Holla!

Yes, I have finally joined everybody and their cousins in the blogosphere. I will be writing the observations of a progressive, African American female wife mother baby boomer sports nut. In fact, I am watching the Suns-Clippers as I write this.

I have concluded, since my Sixers didn't make it and the incomparable A.I. is sidelined, that I don't have a favorite team in these NBA playoffs. I have favorite players, though. E. Brand is one. Nash. D. Wade. Big Ben Wallace. That kid who looks like Usher who plays for the Suns -- Barbosa.

My favorite is LeBron. He's so unselfish, but that could be the Cavaliers' downfall against the Pistons. I want to see LeBron truly take over a game, like Kobe. He can.


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