Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dom Perignon is Hard to Rhyme

At his Radio City Music Hall concert on last week, Jay-Z vowed to expunge all references to Cristal champagne in his songs. This came on the heels of 'Hova announcing his intention to boycott the expensive bubbly because of indifferent comments made by Cristal execs that Jay interpreted as racist.

But at times during the concert, Jay forgot to replace the Cristal lyrics. In a story in today's New York Times, Jay-Z explained that sometimes during a performance, he gets so deep into the flow that he operates on an "unconscious" level.

This days, he says, he's sipping Perignon and Krug blush wines. "I hope they're cool with us drinking it," Jay-Z says, "because I don't want to go through this again."

Here's some Jay-Z songs with "Cristal" lyrics. If you can insert appropriate substitutes, then maybe you should give Jay-Z a ring.


After the show it's the after party then
After the party it's the hotel lobby and
After the Belvee then it's probably Cris'
And after the original it's probably this (Fiesta)
Yes ma, Bed-Stuy, Fiesta

In My Lifetime (Remix)

All chicks is hollerin bout chica, the whole city's buzzin
wasn't checkin for me a dozen or so, months ago
Now I'm all they know, I'm a person
Lettin the Cristals breathe at the Barnacle Bar
Under my sleeve, vernacular, 50 G's
I'm talkin big cheese, you gotta be down to dig these, uhh

I Just Wanna Love You (Give It to Me)

You wanna see how far I'ma go
How, much I'ma spend but you already know
Zip, zero, stingy with dinero
Might buy you Cris', but that about it
Might light your wrist, but that about it


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