Tuesday, July 18, 2006

No, I'm Oprah's Lesbian Lover!

How absurd is it to think just because Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King have been friends for 30 years that they are gay? That assumption presupposes that the only deep and abiding relationships women have with each other are sexual.

I'm here to tell you women don't think like men. They think with their minds and with their hearts. I have four best friends I've known since kindergarten. Denise, Sherry, Dianne and Sandy have been my girls since the dark ages, and we're as close today as we were then.

Even though it sounds a little spacey, I truly understand Oprah's otherworldly quote. How to carry on would be my earthly challenge if I ever lost one of my friends.


Blogger Professor Kim said...

I think what this really speaks to is the way that our culture polices sexuality. I can't help but think that it's ultimately a way to diminish women's power.

There is a lot that people do in order to avoid the perception that they are gay, whether they are or not. As we come upon the fifth anniversary of the murder of Willie Houston, it's worth noting that homophobia is lethal, not just for people who are same gender-loving, but for everyone.

In addition, I would point out that many men also have long-term friendships. The recent Kaiser-Washington Post survey and webcast on young African American men noted that our young men are less likely to have close male friends than members of other races. I can understand lots of reasons why it happens, but that is both unfortunately and ultimately unhealthy.

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