Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Blogging Community That Cares

After I wrote Wednesday's column about blogging building community, I received an email from Cynthia Walker, who shared this link that was posted in tribute to her daughter, Jenn See, who passed away suddenly of a heart condition in June at the age of 26.

The post, Walker says, "addresses the very essence of your article."

Another emailer, Anna Beale, a BlogHer conference-goer, writes of women bloggers: "I love the notion that it is not all you or all me in this realm (blogosphere)...Not about you bulk up my blog or me yours, but that we can ally in a synergy far stronger than any part could be."

She also directed me to a Philadelphia-based online community, Womenmatter, which is in search of more writers. I checked it out. It seems a little heavy on medical/health subjects; some diversity in topics would be nice.


Blogger anna said...

re WM - I think its aim may be a lot like what Annette is doing here ;"Viewing identity and society through a pop culture lens" !
The notion is that women have concerns which flow below the intellectual rant level , that we can join at that place of personal story and engage with one another -and then act.

If you snoop around on the site youll find good informational updates on these 9 targetted issues :

Womens Rights
Jobs, Taxes & Benefits
Health Care
Voting Rights
Campaign Financing
Fair Courts

and some ideas on these subjects:
on these subjects re ways to enage (or not ):

Third Parties and the Smarter Voter
Women and "The Loop"
Are We Being Conned?
Liberal Conservative and Me
Political Parties: Open or Closed?
How "They" see "Us"

Just caught a liitle bit of an NPR speacil on Edward Murrow- his take, that the 'little perosn' was where the action was, sort of applies here. Remoinds to of a book I read a while ago, leter among 4 prominent Victorian couple- pretty juicy. The author , a historian, wrote in the intro, why should history be seen as about lists (lists agin!) of battles to ne relevant? And why should what we call 'gossip' be disparaged??

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mention. I hope you got a chance to go on Jenn's blog and check out some of the archives. Especially the one dated 6/23/06 (the day after she died) Cynthia

9:30 AM  

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