Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Bland Leading the Bland

Since Ed Gordon took over for Tavis Smiley on National Public Radio almost two years ago, Gordon's show, News and Notes with Ed Gordon , suffered an 18 percent drop in the ratings.

NPR says Gordon hasn't connected with the audience; Gordon says NPR hasn't connected with him. But the bigger question, posed by St. Pete's Eric Deggans, remains: How can NPR breathe some fresh air into a more diverse listening audience?


Blogger DebVA said...

Can't imagine that anyone would expect either Ed Gordon or Tavis Smiley to maintain the other's audience? Such different personas and such different styles. I respect them both but my exposure to Smiley began as a part of the Tom Joyner Show & exposure to Ed Gordon was thru BET News...... can you get any further apart? Try again NPR (hopefully by letting Gordon steer his own ship).

1:43 PM  

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