Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Birthday Reflections

Can I re-claim my 9/11 birthday five years later? That's part of what my column addresses this week. Since 2001, birthday greetings have rung hollow. And after last year's disaster in New Orleans, I can't let this season pass without some serious reflection to chase down my birthday cake, because I'm accidentally linked to both events.


Anonymous drkitty said...

I have a friend whose birthday is the anniversary of Kennedy's assasination. She still hasn't gotten over all the missed bday parties. Now as an adult (fabulous 50) she throws herself awesome parties despite the anniversary. Yes, Sept 11th was awful. But what a wonderful celebration of life and the human spirit to celebrate the occasion of YOUR birth.

hang in there sister-friend,

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Wanda said...

Wow, Annette, I have been feeling the same way my birthday is this Saturday, and being close to 9/11, I have felt that celebrating was in some way diminishing the impact of what happened. But reflecting on the life that I'm blessed to have, I too will celebrate and be thankful for another year, day, hour, minute, second that the Lord has blessed me with. I will never forget the devastating things that have happened over the past five years, but I know that we serve a Higher being, that doesn't make a mistake. Thanks for giving me a moment to "Reflect" also. And have a Happy Birthday!!!

8:52 PM  
Blogger clee said...

Happy Birthday Annette! I agree with drkitty and 9/11 is a celebration of life and the human spirit.

My sister's birday is 8/28 and my husband's is 8/30 which sandwiches the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Although we celebrated both days, it felt like cheating those that have been displaced with no help in sight. During this past year, many Katrina evacuees have had birthdays, anniversaries, actual births, but how are they celebrating? Many of us take for granted our home, but who's to say we will have it tomorrow.

Wonderful article and very thought provoking!

4:33 AM  
Anonymous pstephens said...

Happy Birthday Annette!!
Don't let the events of the past steal your joy. Enjoy today, tomorrow and your birthday. Life goes on! Reflecting on the past events is good but only if it makes you stronger. It should make you enjoy and appreciate each day and especially your birthday even more. I hope you do. We all should.

5:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Annette!!!!

Wonderful reflection and wonderful article as always..YOU ARE THE BEST!

6:13 AM  
Blogger DebVA said...

By all means, reclaim your birthday as a time for celebration - just as the residents of New Orleans must reclaim their city & push for what they want (not what others want for their city). I think New York is a shining example of folks pulling together to move forward. Both events will forever remain tragedies but how we recover should become something to celebrate.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous BrnSgr said...

It was your BIRTH day before the 9/11 we've come to know - the day the world changed forever. However, as a child of God, you must celebrate the day on which He breathed life into you! Celebrate your birthday...and EVERY day!

8:20 PM  

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